How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date: 15 Ideas to Inspire Creativity

#5 Make sure she’s available. There is nothing worse than spending all this time preparing and plucking up your courage only to find out she has boyfriend already. So, make sure, if possible, to find out whether she is available first.


#6 Be confident. Confidence goes a long way. Wait until you feel prepared and confident before you ask her out. If you shake or stutter she might think this is cute, but you don’t want her to feel sorry for you! Stand up straight, speak clearly, and act like she is definitely saying yes.

#7 Smile. A big smile goes a long way and makes you seem more friendly, attractive, and fun. So, even if you feel super nervous, don’t forget to smile.

#8 Keep it casual. The more you make a big fuss of asking her out, the more you put pressure on her which is off putting. Even if you are a massive romantic it might be a good idea to save the grand romantic gestures for later down the line. When it comes to understanding how to ask a girl out on a date, especially in the first instance just keep everything casual, light-hearted, and fun. You will more likely to get a yes.

#9 Don’t go into too much detail. In the interest of keeping it light and fun, there is no need to go into too much detail about where you plan to take her or what you plan to do on your date. Loads of details might seem a bit overwhelming. Try to keep some things a mystery.

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