How to Make a Girl Think About You and Make Her Miss You All Day

She’s on your mind all the time, but are you on her mind? Well, you may not know now, but here’s how to make a girl think about you.

We’ve all seen someone on the bus that we thought was beautiful. Of course, the minute you’ve seen them, you’ve already fallen in love, but that’s not your concern. Your main concern is how to make a girl think about you.

Regardless, if you know her or not, having someone think about you all the time is a great feeling. Having her think about you has its perks. Once you have yourself in her mind, making the next move won’t be so hard.

How to make a girl think about you

Now don’t freak out. Of course, you just don’t want her to think about you and that’s it. Once you’re in her mind, you can work towards getting to know her and asking her out. You should have a goal in mind of where you’d like this to go. If you don’t have a goal, she’ll just be wasting her thoughts on you, and there’s no point in even bothering then.

If you want to date her, you’re going to have to get her to think about you. Wondering how to do that? Keep reading. Follow these steps on how to make a girl think about you and you’ll be stuck in her mind.

#1 Have a goal in mind. If this is just for your own ego, then don’t bother doing this. Come on, man. You can’t play with people like that. If you like her and you want to date her then that’s your goal. Figure out where you’d like this to go and then work towards it. If it’s asking her out on a date, then you’ll be keeping that in mind when you’re talking to her.

#2 Don’t always be there. If you want her to think about you, you can’t always be there. Really, don’t always be there. I know you think that by being there, no other guy will be able to squeeze in, but if you’re always there you look desperate.

And trust me, desperation never won the heart of a girl. So, give her some space, so she can start to think about you. If not, you’ll just suffocate the thoughts right out of her.

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