How to Make Your Husband Love You Again and Rekindle the Romance

Have you and your husband drifted apart or perhaps, you broke his trust? Here’s how to make your husband love you again and turn your relationship around.

Relationships always require work, even from the beginning stages where it feels giddy and effortless, you still make sure to impress someone and fight to keep them. Then, when you get more comfortable the effort required takes a different turn. You must find new ways to excite one another, remain interested in one another, and stay attracted. If you don’t feel that same connection, here are some steps for how to make your husband love you again.

It’s no wonder many marriages end up in trouble simply because the couple stopped making an effort. Living with someone for years and feeling completely comfortable with them is wonderful. But often you begin to take one another for granted. Conversation which used to carry on excitedly for hours, sharing interests, passions and dreams, is now no more than talking about what to cook for dinner or arguments about whose turn it is to take the trash out.

Has he fallen out of love?

If you noticed your husband acting differently towards you, you may feel he is distancing himself from the relationship and fallen out of love with you. It may be you simply noticed the signs, or he has actually come out and said it directly to you.

This can be a deeply troubling and upsetting revelation, especially if, until now, you felt happy and secure in your relationship. However, no doubt when you start to think about the things that may have gone wrong, you’ll soon realize there were many wrong turns that led to you growing apart. [Read: 12 subtle signs of a loveless, unhappy marriage]

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