How to Make Your Husband Love You Again and Rekindle the Romance

How to make your husband love you again

Before you throw in the towel, there is plenty you can do to save your marriage and rekindle the romance and spark. Unless you husband is adamant that nothing will change his mind, and refuses to let you try, then it is worth you both making a concerted effort to become as close and in love as you were near the beginning of your relationship. [Read: 13 signs of a disrespectful husband that must not be ignored]

It may seem a difficult, almost impossible task, but if you are willing to fight for your marriage then it is certainly worth doing everything in your power to save it.

So, what can you do if your marriage has got to this point? Here are 12 ways to make your husband fall in love with you again.

#1 Stop nagging him. It may be that you don’t even realize you are doing it, but now is the time to step back and really look at your own behavior and how you act towards your husband. Maybe you get frustrated when he doesn’t make an effort. For example, leaving all the housework to you. But when you talk to him about this, are you doing it in the right way?

If all you talk about is him doing the washing up, cleaning the bathroom, spending more time with friends than with you, never paying attention to you, being out of shape, not getting that promotion, and so on it’s no wonder that he just wants a break from it all, and so begins to close off and distance himself. [Read: How to fix a broken relationship]

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