How to Reaffirm Your Meditation Practice and Get Back Up When You Fail

How to Reaffirm Your Meditation Practice and Get Back Up When You Fail

Remember Why

Ultimately, your reasons are your driving force. Nothing will ever help you as clearly defining your reasons, or “why’s”, and keeping them in front of you often. You need to be really clear about why you practice.


This might sound counterintuitive because we’re told to let go of attachments and craving in meditation practice. However, the reality is we all come to the practice for some specific reason.

This also may change over time, but if we identify this clearly we can use it as a catalyst in the beginning to create a more consistent practice. The reasons why we practice are natural and ignoring them will only do more harm over time.

If you’re clear about why you practice meditation you can come back to those reasons at any point you feel yourself losing focus and reaffirm your practice. By doing so, you bring the intensity level of your focus back up to 100% (near that, or even beyond). And as I mentioned above, at times reaffirming your regular meditation and meditation practice can actually strengthen your commitment to it.

Let’s go over some examples. Your reasons, or your why’s, could be:

  • My meditation practice is my peace, it keeps me calm and centered.
  • My meditation practice helps me better manage my stress and anxiety.
  • My meditation practice helps me calm my overactive mind and keep my life balanced.
  • I practice mindfulness and meditation to develop wisdom and move through the challenges of everyday life more skillfully.

These are just some examples. Your reasons might be something else altogether different. Take a moment and ask yourself: “what are my reasons? Why do I want this?”.

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