How to Tell a Girl You Love Her Without Losing Her

Scared she’ll decline you when you tell her you love her? Use these tips on how to tell a girl you love her to make sure you get the right response.

Ever felt like you could float in the clouds just thinking of a special girl?

Do you dream of spending time with her and going out with her?

Do you think you’re in love?

Well, big chances are, you probably are.

Falling in love feels great, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

It’s one of those moments when everything around you gets beautiful and cheerful.

But at the same time, losing in love or getting declined by a girl is just as intense, only painful.

How to tell a girl you love her

So do you love a girl, but don’t know how to tell her that you love her?

There are two circumstances here.

Firstly, you love her but you’re not dating her.

In the second circumstance, both of you are dating each other but you want to let her know that you’re really serious about the relationship.

If you’re already dating a girl and are just confused about timing those three special words, don’t worry one bit. Just use the lines mentioned at the end of this feature and you’ll do just fine!

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