How to Tell a Girl You Love Her Without Losing Her

Talk late into the night

If you’re wondering how to tell a girl you like her, talking late into the night with her can work wonders for your budding relationship. Find reasons and excuses to talk to her when she’s already in bed. The relaxed pace of a long conversation late into the night almost always leads to something more personal and intimate even if both of you are just talking funny at the start of the conversation.

If that isn’t happening already, add a few personal questions in those conversations that’ll steer the conversation into relationships. Topics like relationships, personal stories, and what she likes in a guy will create the perfect setting to make your intentions clear.

Take her out on dates

You’re just a friend now, but if you’ve been looking for ways to spend time with her and speak to her often, you’ll start to see that you’d already occupy a special place in her heart.

If you feel like she enjoys your company, it’s time you take the next step. Tell her about a great place you’ve tried or a new movie that’s in town and ask her to accompany you. You’re still a friend, so you can urge her to accompany you even if she’s thinking twice!

Once you’re out with her, treat her like a date and behave like how you would on a date.

But now that she likes your company, avoid being a pushover or being too easily available for her. She likes spending time with you already, so you need to make her miss you when you aren’t around so she’s eager to spend time with you.

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