Love Is Patient Love Is Kind: 14 Rules to Experience True Love

Love is patient love is kind stems from the Bible. But anyone who has heard it has probably wondered how to truly love someone for better or worse.

Who hasn’t sat at a wedding and heard the reading that begins, “love is patient, love is kind” and thought to themselves that they could be a better person to their mate?

We would all like to be perfect human beings, but the problem is that we can’t always be. Except for Mother Teresa and a couple of other saints, we are all a product of human nature, which is not always patient, nor is it always kind.

The rules for love is patient love is kind

To be the type of lover who feels good when they hear the reading and know that they are doing everything humanly possible to treat their mate with the utmost respect, you have to conduct yourself in a kind manner.

Even in the midst of a fight, a stressful day, or when you are just downright pissed, learning the lessons from the verse, love is patient love is kind will help you have a more satisfying and happy relationship. 

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