Love Is Patient Love Is Kind: 14 Rules to Experience True Love

Love is patient.

Love doesn’t have a timeframe. There is no golden schedule that a relationship has. If you love someone, you have to be patient enough to let them make their own decisions and guide their own fate.

You can’t push your mate into making life decisions or having a timeline for when things are supposed to happen. Love can only flourish when both partners are all in, and sometimes that takes one more time than another.

Love is patient is also about learning to respect boundaries and giving your partner time when they need it. Not crowding, forcing, or pressuring your significant other, is required. Yes, it’s sometimes easier said than done, but well worth the peace.

Love is kind.

Love is all about being kind to one another – hence the phrase, love is patient love is kind. But kindness is not always an easy thing in the heat of a fight or when you are really angry. To be kind, you have to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and never say things that you don’t mean or can’t take back. Remember, even if we say things in the heat of a moment, they still count.

Learning to hold your tongue, even when you are really mad is crucial for long-lasting to love. Once you say something mean, it only opens the floodgates and desensitizes you the next time you get into a fight. Saying mean things is like ringing a bell. When words wound, the scars remain forever.

Being kind also means that you have to put your partner’s feelings ahead of your own sometimes. If they are having a hard day, you may have to take some of that bad attitude. When they need an extra hand, you may have to put your own hurdles on hold.

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