Love Is Patient Love Is Kind: 14 Rules to Experience True Love

Love is not envious.

It is difficult sometimes to always let someone else shine. To love someone, you have to recognize that you are a team, and that when one excels, you both do.

There is no competition in a marriage; it is two people working toward similar goals like health and happiness. It is difficult sometimes not to be envious when your significant other is getting all the praise or having a really successful period, but love is about not envying them for their successes, rather celebrating them together. Remember, love is patient love is kind.

Love does not boast.

If you are experiencing a euphoric time in your life, it is okay to bask in it, but boasting is another whole animal. Feeling accomplished and proud is okay, but they are not things that you need to throw around.

Love isn’t about talking about how wonderful you are or all you are doing right; it is the kind and respectful way that people act toward each other when they are in love.

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