6 Ways We Judge Too Soon in New Relationships

Men Who Women Should Avoid Falling For

A lot of men can get carried away with their “roles” and it can make for a very toxic and misogynistic relationship experience for the women. So that’s why it would be in the best interest of the ladies to avoid dating men who espouse these particular roles:


The Rebel

His tortured and damaged soul may seem very appealing at first. His rebellious ideas and unique thoughts are always very interesting to you. But underneath all of that mysteriousness and stoicism is just another man who feels lost and is struggling to find his way in the world. If you’re really serious about falling in love with someone, make sure that it’s a man who at least has his life on track. You can’t afford to be dating someone who is still raging against the machine while simultaneously has to rely on welfare to survive. Get yourself a responsible guy.

The Fake Good Guy

This is the trickiest guy you could ever date. At face value, this man is the kind of guy that you would expect to want to be with for the rest of your life. But underneath that glorious looking shell is someone who is merely putting up a façade of what he thinks others expect from him. He is the kind of guy that you could bring home to meet your parents, but when it’s just the two of you alone, he completely shuts off and becomes someone else. He doesn’t really have a real personality because he is too busy trying to be what other people want him to be.

The Hero

A lot of ladies are taught at very early ages to always wait for their knight in shining armor. It’s depicted in stories wherein damsels in distress are always left helpless to their situations. But that should no longer be the case. Women shouldn’t have to wait for The Hero to go after what they want. Sure, it would be great for you to date a guy who supports you and helps you whenever you stumble. But you shouldn’t be dating someone who is going to do everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. That is only going to teach you how to be co-dependent and you never want that. You always want to be able to rely on yourself in some shape or form.

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