Meridian Acupuncture: How Accessing These 12 Powerful Points WIll Change Your Life

3. Spleen

The spleen ensures that the body gets enough nutrients. It also regulates blood flow. A malfunctioning spleen meridian will result in digestive issues, weak muscles, and fatigue. It may also cause brain fog.

4. The Stomach Meridian

Digestive problems have their origins in, of course, the stomach. This organ digests food and circulates energy to the spleen and intestines. Imbalances in this area can cause anxiety.

5. Heart

The heart meridian is also essential to our health. The heart circulates blood to the other organs in the body. A non-working heart meridian results in chest pains, irritability, and sleeplessness. It also brings about mental and emotional disorders.

6. Small Intestine

Furthermore, there is the small intestine channel. This Meridian circulates energy from food after the digestive system breaks it down. An unresponsive heart meridian may result in weakness, swollen lymph nodes, stiff shoulders, acne, nerve pain, indigestion, and bloat.

7. The Bladder

Another vital point is the bladder meridian.The bladder removes liquid waste (urea) from the body. If it’s not working, you may get a stiff neck. Your shoulders and back may ache as well. It’s also responsible for urinary diseases.

8.  Kidney

The kidneys offer sexual energy. It controls how the reproductive system develops.This meridian is also responsible for bone marrow and blood flow. Genital disorders result when this acupoint breaks down. It controls your willpower as well.

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