Meridian Acupuncture: How Accessing These 12 Powerful Points WIll Change Your Life

9. Sex

The Sex Meridian envelops the heart. It lubricates this organ and draws excess energy from it. It stops the heart from being too energized.


10. The Triple Warner

No, we’re not watching three episodes of Bugs Bunny. The Triple Warner Meridien (not Warner Brothers) regulates metabolism and overall well-being. An imbalance of this meridian can cause many disorders.

11. The Liver

The liver meridian stores energy and controls how it flows through your body. A flaw in this meridian will cause your ligaments to become tense. It may also cause disorders like dry skin, PMS, vertigo, stiff joints, and headaches.

12. The Gallbladder

The Gallbladder Meridian eliminates bile from the liver. You may get bloat, liver pains, and jaundice if it doesn’t work.

There Are Meridians, and science proves it

Meridian Acupuncture may seem far-fetched, but it is a natural, proven way to treat illnesses. Scientific research from the Seoul National University confirms that they exist.

North Korean scientist Dr. Kim Bong Han showed that our bodies had meridians in the 1960s. He found tubes just beyond the blood and lymphatic vessels. These are meridian lines.

Present Korean researchers found that the Meridian System is our Primo Vascular system. They believe that it channels energy flow.

Also, Chinese researchers have shown energy flow through the meridian system using fluorescent light.

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