How to Achieve Massive Success in Any Role

Mindful Management: How to Achieve Massive Success in Any Role

Stepping into a leadership role for the first time is nerve-wracking, to say the least. It can give even the most motivated and competent people a heavy case of the jitters. Leadership makes you realize that much of what happens “in” a role is a very small piece of what happens “around” the role. I often say that the least and at the same time most rewarding roles are in management. Your failures will be celebrated sometimes more than your wins.

This stems from the fact that it’s relatively easy for you to see success when you are responsible only for yourself. But when you are leading other people, all with diverse personalities, problems and skill sets – it can seem overwhelming, and it’s easy to question yourself. I’ve been there. I know those feelings. Trust me, it’s not as bad as you think. But like many things in life, your ultimate success or failure will all depend on your attitude.

If you don’t know, trust and empower yourself, no one else will.

The same holds true with the problems and setbacks you’re destined to encounter as a leader. You’ll save a lot of pain and suffering if you internalize this statement: If you don’t figure it, out no one will.

Think about it like this: In any leadership position, you’re performing live with no safety net. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. It’s your neck on the line at all times. People are looking to you, and you alone, for leadership and guidance. As a leader, you are standing in the rain and your job is to shield those on your team with an ever shrinking piece of newspaper. And it has to work.

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