Secrets of a Love Hate Relationship – Can It Work?

There’s a reason for all that love and hate, even if you can’t see it. Find out what causes a love hate relationship and how you can make it work.

A love hate relationship is wild, thrilling and full of passion.

But on the flipside, it’s also stressful and heart wrenching.

For every exhilarating rush of love, there are several moments of rage and anger.

If you’re in a simple and happy romance, the thought of throwing each other on tables and walls and indulging in carpet burn inducing rough sex after an angry fight could seem really exciting.

Heck, watching someone else’s love hate affair could also make your perfectly happy romance feel rather mundane and boring!

But you need to know this, as good as it may appear, love hate relationships look good only in the movies or when you hear about it.

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