Secrets of a Love Hate Relationship – Can It Work?

In real life, the idea of a love hate relationship could seem fascinating to many.


But experiencing or living through a love hate romance will do nothing but sap the energy out of your life.

And it’ll drastically impact all other aspects of your life, including your productivity, your happiness and your sanity.

What is a love hate relationship?

Disagreements and moments of ego clashes exist in almost all relationships, and to a certain extent, these fights can help couples understand each other better.

But a love hate relationship thrives on serious conflicts and incompatible personalities. And as cheerful and accommodating as both of you may be as individuals, it’ll still bring out the worst in you and your lover.

A love hate relationship is the kind of relationship where there’s more anger and frustration in the romance than love and happiness.

If you’re living through a love hate relationship, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Your partner and you could seriously love each other, but nevertheless, both of you may find yourself bringing out the worst in each other all the time.

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