How to Make Someone Like You With These Weird Science-Based Tricks

How to make someone like you? People have been trying to answer this question since the beginning of time.

Knowing how to make someone like you at work is incredibly useful; it helps you get tasks done.

Of course, it’s essential to get along with our family members and friends as well. Life Advancer has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Why you should know how to make someone like you

This question may seem commonsensical but is an important one. Many of us don’t bother to make others like us because we’re too comfortable with the company we keep. Few of us try to find friends beyond our social circles.

Furthermore, the internet has made it possible to build relationships online, so many of us spend time with ‘virtual’ friends. Many of us work remotely with colleagues across the world; there is little, if any, face-to-face interaction. Consequently, we may put some effort into making others like us, but it may not be enough.

Positive interactions and impressions are essential for all relationships. It’s worth trying to find out How To Make Someone Like You.

How to make someone like you with these 10 weird science-based tricks

Here are a few suggestions for helping others form favorable impressions of us. They may seem a little off-the-wall, but science says that they do work.

1. Use a high-pitched voice

First of all, speak in a high voice. Doing this may seem silly, but science has proven that does make us more likable.

A study published in the journal Plus One found that people of both genders who spoke in high-pitched voices came across as trustworthy. The participants listened to Scottish speakers of all backgrounds, and their reactions led the researchers to come to this conclusion.

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