The 19 Elements of EI


  1. Emotional Self-Control: “You feel bad moods and impulses just like everyone else, but you don’t act on them; in fact, you can control them. For example, instead of blowing up at people when you get angry, you let them know what’s wrong and what the solution is. You have the ability to wait until your emotions pass so you can respond from a place of reason.” Urges will not control or define you. This is where the breathing before reacting method becomes very useful.
  2. Achievement: “You’re interested in moving yourself forward toward some vision, goal, or strategy.” And you won’t stop until you get there. People with a strong EI will stay focused and determined to reach their desired destination.
  3. Initiative: “You’re self-motivated, and you keep moving toward distant goals even when you experience setbacks.” Getting thrown off the path isn’t that big of a deal since you’ll just bounce back stronger. Initiative means you will go out and get what you want, you aren’t going to sit back until something is handed to you.
  4. Transparency: “You’re honest…about your progress, goals, and emotions.” You are an open book which will become an asset once you establish a solid support system. Being able to communicate anything you feel the need to is crucial to developing as an individual.
  5. Adaptability: “You’re resilient. You stay calm under pressure and recover quickly when something goes wrong. You don’t panic in the face of a crisis; instead, you’re calm. And you don’t brood, point fingers, or hold grudges.” In a life that is ever changing, you go with the flow and ride the wave wherever it takes you. This means you’ll stick out the lows and appreciate the highs because you know that nothing lasts forever.
  6. Optimism: You stay positive and have a wonderful outlook on life. You are gracious, humble, and see the good in every situation thrown your way.

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