The 9 Unspoken Relationship Rules Couples Need To Follow

Find out how to dodge the puzzling arguments and strange disapproving glares by familiarizing yourself with the 9 unspoken rules of every relationship.

When looking for the unspoken rules in a relationship, you will encounter phrases describing what happens in a relationship. The real unspoken rules in a relationship are those that can help a couple survive a nuclear argument that stems from a tiny transgression.

The honeymoon stage of every relationship blinds couples into thinking that their significant others are perfect in any light. Mistakes are overlooked and flaws cease to exist. Everything is peachy until a certain point when the rose-tinted glasses start to lose its effect.

At this point, couples start fighting for no apparent reason. The truth is that the reason is known to at least one of you, but neither will admit it. This is usually a matter of pride or some unexplainable need to deny the fact that your partner has absolutely no idea what they did wrong.

Why don’t people know when they are doing something wrong?

This is something that couples should deal with. Not everyone can handle a relationship responsibly 100% of the time, but it helps if both lovers try to solve their problems in a mature way. If you think that your partner does not understand you, then you are right. The point is that you should not hold them responsible for a mistake that they don’t remember making.

The best way to keep everyone happy is to keep your lines of communication open. No, not just your emails and phones. You have to talk about the things that make you feel bad and the things that your partner can do to make the situation better.

Don’t put all the blame on one person. Take responsibility for your silence as well. You can’t just start lashing out without saying why. It shows an immaturity that is not fit for a growing relationship. Be the bigger person by keeping your cool and telling your partner that you have some issues that you want to deal with.

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