The Best Way to Break Up With Someone No Matter the Situation

The best way to break up with someone no matter the situation

If you want to be a decent human being and save someone as much hurt as you can, you’re in the right place. Here’s the best way to break up with someone depending on the unique situation you’re in. Do it right and have some respect for the person you once cared a great deal for.

#1 They cheated on you. This is pretty hard to deal with on your end emotionally, but it’ll make breaking up with them a lot easier. Because yes, you need to break up with them. Unless you’re married and want to work things out for the good of your family or something, a break up is essential.

You can just tell them that you can’t be with someone you can’t trust. You can also just say that you’re unable to be with someone who doesn’t respect you. Because if they cheat on you, they have no respect for you. Don’t be malicious about it. Just tell them how it is and get away. [Read: 8 ways to confront a cheater and end things]

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