The Different Kinds of Love Traps and How to Avoid Them

The meant-to-be love trap.

The usual suspect of the meant-to-be love trap is the prom king and queen. Just because everyone expects you to end up together, doesn’t mean that you should. It usually occurs when two people realize that they share similar attributes like physical attractiveness, intelligence, creativity, etc. You might seem perfect for each other on the surface, but relationships can’t rely on similarities alone.

The perfect date love trap.

This love trap is tricky because it lulls you into thinking that the relationship will be as awesome as your date. Most people fall into this love trap because they were having so much fun on the date that they forgot to consider whether or not they like the person in front of them. That is why you should focus more on the person than on the experience.

The forbidden fruit effect love trap.

A person caught in this love trap will deny their situation vehemently. This is because the forbidden fruit effect happens subconsciously. The more you perceive someone as unattainable or off-limits, your subconscious will derive rationales and justifications that you think are reasonable, but in actuality, are not.

The perceived scarcity love trap.

Have you ever wondered why you started liking someone that you never thought twice about when you saw them with someone else? This effect is called perceived scarcity. Because someone is in demand, you start to think that maybe they’re the last of their kind or that there are very few of them left. When you finally get them, you’ll realize that they weren’t what you wanted in the first place.

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