The nine best ways to boost workplace mindfulness success

The nine best ways to boost workplace mindfulness success

Imagine your next meeting starting with a moment of silence. If that meeting was taking place at TimeXtender, a software provider enabling business intelligence and analytics, that’s exactly how it would start. The company’s chief DNA and culture officer, Anne Krog Iversen, explained why: That moment of silence — of being mindful — “allows all participants to break free from their previous engagements, relax, clear their mental clutter, and prepare for the new meeting ahead.”

Indeed, workplace mindfulness has become a powerful success tool for a number of companies looking to tap into its well-documented benefits. For example, the American Psychological Association points to a boost in working memory, focus, empathy and relationship satisfaction, as well as a reduction in stress, anxiety, and rumination.

And yet, the road to a great workplace mindfulness program is paved with some serious obstacles, including our pervasive culture of multitasking and ever-growing digital distraction. For example, Apple recently showcased how you can answer a phone call on your Apple Watch Series 3 — while paddle-boarding on a serene lake. Amazon has introduced a new bedside table Echo designed for video chat and audio calls. And Google partnered with Levi’s to design a jacket that lets you more easily control your smartphone during bike rides.

On the other hand, a number of technology companies are investing in tools that are specifically meant to boost health and wellness, including mindfulness. In addition, tools that have other uses — such as videoconferencing or collaboration tools — can also be used to promote mindfulness.

Some organizations are leading the way by using such tech tools and by creating strategies to take their employees from frazzled to zen. Here’s wise advice on how you can do it too.

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