The Rule Of Becoming Successful

The Rule Of Becoming Successful: 5 D’s of success

We all want to be a success. Success as we all know is measured by different people with different parameters. Some see wealth as success, to others it is position and power. Few think followers are power, some think awards and fame and so on.

It is not easy to be accepted universally as a success. There is always a few detractors 🙂 But ultimately I personally feel if you know you are a success that is it. But the path to success is more difficult than we presume

They key factors for success – 5 D’s

It is my view that to be a success we need to have 5 D’s. They are Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Diversity and Direction.

What does that mean? Let us take each separately and look.


The word has simple meaning. The ability to continue doing even if the task is difficult. This is most important to succeed. Work at it and never give up attitude. Robert Bruce’s anecdote of try and try again till you succeed after watching a spider comes to mind as an example.


The quality of commitment to a task. Single minded focus of purpose. Let nothing interfere or divert your attention or focus. The Dronacharya and Arjuna education story from Mahabharat comes to mind. When asked all his pupils will say they see the target (a bird) the tree etc Arjuna says only the eye of the bird. single minded focus is what it is.

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