The Serious Face: 21 Things You Do that Hurt Her Feelings

The serious face is like a red hot alarm to let you know shit is going to blow up. Prevent it by not doing the things to bring it out.

Okay, can we be honest here? Women and men are wired differently. Both sexes are probably saying “duh” right now. The thing about it is that at some point, we have to learn to live together. So, men, learn the serious face to keep the peace.


If not just for procreation and survival, because it is so nice, and stop me if you don’t agree here, to get along. Nothing is more blissful than having a relationship clicking and going along just as you had planned and each partner feels like their needs are being met… this is where the bluebirds come out to sing, and the magical forest comes alive…

Okay, back to reality. The truth? If you want to get along in a relationship, learn what the hot buttons are and avoid them. I know, sometimes it feels really friggin’ good to press them, but payback is a bitch, not for them, but for you. Payback is a bitchy look from your girlfriend.

These 21 things always get you the serious face

Yes, gather in close here, men. We have all seen and know what the serious face is. Like when your mom would have that shrill scream from any point in the house included not just your first, or your middle, but your last name, the serious face instantly lets you know there is bitching to be had.

Not sex, there is none of that to be had, and you are going to end up apologizing. So, the best treatment for the serious face is to prevent it all together. If you want to know when the serious face is going to rear its ugly head, I am going to be your crystal ball; no wait, your Jiminy Cricket.

#1 Lie. Nothing will get you the serious face more than being caught in a lie. Girls don’t ever think there is a reason to be untruthful unless we ask “Does my ass look fat in these jeans?” If you said you were some place you weren’t, or that you didn’t text your female coworker, only for her to find out you did, that is grounds for the “serious face.”

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