The Serious Face: 21 Things You Do that Hurt Her Feelings

#2 Show up late to something special.” How hard is it to get your shit together? Likely, there are very few times when she needs you somewhere on time. If it is a special occasion, and she is relying on you to be there, make sure to get your ass there on time. She wouldn’t be late if she knew it was something important to you.


#3 Say you’re on your way and come home hours later. Why tell her you are on your way home when you aren’t? If you have no intention of walking through that door anytime soon, just tell her so. Otherwise, every minute past when she thinks you are going to be home she will be sitting and stewing, just plotting what she is going to do and say when your ass does walk through that door.

It isn’t just about the lying; it is that when you don’t show up when you say you will. Guess what? She cares and gets worried. Think about someone other than yourself and the good time you are having. If you are going to be late, be honest and deal with the consequences.

#4 Say you don’t want to talk but pick up your phone to call a friend two minutes later. Men always say that they don’t want to talk only to pick up their phone and shoot the shit right in front of our eyes. To us, that just means “I don’t want to talk to you!” If you don’t want to get the serious face, sacrifice 30 minutes to catch up with her, and then you can chit chat away with your friends.

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