The Serious Face: 21 Things You Do that Hurt Her Feelings

#5 Text shit about how your girlfriend is a bitch. If your girlfriend is a bitch, deal with it. It isn’t necessary to bad mouth her on your text messages, or even worse, a chain message. Why guys want their friends to hate their girlfriend is beyond me. If you have a problem, just say it to her and leave the rest of the world out.


#6 Talk to your mom about her. There is an unwritten rule when it comes to relationships, mothers on both sides are off limits. There is absolutely no reason to talk to mommy. She is always going to take your side, and then the next time she sees your girlfriend, she is going to be nasty.

There is a reason you get the serious face when she finds out you have been blowing up mom’s ear about all your problems. It isn’t cool!

#7 Come home drunk after “work.” If you tell her you are at work, and then show up drunk at home three hours later, that isn’t cool. If you leave work to have drinks, just say so. Why men need to lie their way through life is beyond me. If you want to get a drink with friends, just say so.

#8 Say there is no time or money for vacation and head on a fishing trip. If you can’t ever find time or money for her, but the sky is the limit when you want to get away with the guys, shame on you, you deserve the serious face. When you do shit like that, it just tells your girlfriend you don’t care about her, and that she comes second.

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