Time to Let Go? 14 Reasons Why Good Relationships End

Some relationships seem to go down the dumps a lot sooner than others. Here are 14 reasons why relationships end, and why it’s time to let go.

Not every relationship is built to last. That’s just a fact of life. Sure, we hold out all sorts of hope when we enter into a new relationship that it’s going to be the one—that we’ve finally found that special person that’s going to make all our fantasies come to life.

But then a few months roll by and you’re rethinking everything, because it’s just not working out and you can’t figure out why. They seemed so incredibly perfect at first! What went wrong?

The turning point in a relationship

I bet after reading that line, your brain immediately jumped to a moment in your relationship when you just knew it wasn’t going to work. It was the turning point that ultimately led to the demise of the entire relationship you’d built.

I’ve been in quite a few failed relationships, due largely to the problems identified in this list. Most relationships end for one of the reasons listed below—or an unfortunate combination of multiple reasons.

Is it time to let go? Signs your relationship is nearing its end

There are a lot of similar things that lead to the end of a relationship. These factors play a large role in the downfall of your relationship and, to a certain degree, may be the entire cause of its demise. Decide if these describe your relationship and do your best to correct them—before it’s too late!

1. Bad communication. This tops the list, because you just can’t have a happy relationship when you don’t communicate well. Your partner needs to know your likes, your dislikes, what makes you mad, what works in bed, and so much more.

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