Timing in Love and Relationships: Why It’s So Important

Like that famous song said, you found the right love at the wrong time. Here’s why timing in love is more important than most people think.


It’s true that everything happens for a reason. When good things happen, we say things like “it’s our time,” and when bad things happen, we write it off as not being our time. But the one thing the good and bad have in common is timing. And in relationships, timing is everything.

Our relationships operate on its own clock, with its own hours, and we all have to go through each hour at least once in our life for our relationship clock to set the right time. But, as you may already be asking, how can you know if the timing is right when it’s different for everyone?

How to know if the timing is right in your dating life

There’s no alarm clock for relationships that tell you when you should be going through a milestone, readying yourself for a breakup, or venturing out to mingle with other singles. All you can rely on are the following indicators.


Just because you think you are ready, doesn’t mean you are. Emotions have a sly way of making you think you’re ready for something you really want. For instance, you may be seeing a ton of your friends getting married and having kids, and since you want the same things, you think you’re ready for those things too.

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