Top 10 Ridiculous Myths People Believe about Marriage

Aside from the myth that marriage is where great sex goes to die, we’ve also come up with other baffling myths about matrimony.

Marriage is a life sentence that takes no prisoners. These days, one can never be too sure of being together for life, and sometimes the word “forever” can mean just a few years. Sadly, many marriages never last, and some were doomed from the start.

So often, many couples are lured into marriage, and they rush into something they are never really prepared for. But then again, who really is prepared for marriage? A long and lasting marriage goes beyond an extravagant wedding ceremony. From what I have gathered, marriage is a long and arduous road couples have to take. And it comes as no surprise that many people have grown terrified of marriage and would never go down that road.

The long and winding road

Marriage has been overly romanticized in all forms of culture. We can’t help but swoon when we see those romantic proposals being shared all over social media. We can’t help but cry during the wedding ceremonies, especially when the couple exchanges their vows, promising to love and cherish each other until the end of time.

These days, marriage, like love, is a very fragile thing. Holding on to something can only bring the risk of losing it forever. Perhaps this is why the world is full of cynics – love has become so fleeting. Time has taught me to constantly be wary and on guard. The world, I have learned, can be cruel and is forever deceiving.

When I was younger, my dream was to marry the man I loved. But I have learned the hard way that to make a marriage work, it takes more than love. It takes a whole lot of patience, tolerance, and hard work to keep a marriage intact… and not everyone is cut out for that kind of work.

When I was younger, I wanted to marry the man I loved. We were together for quite some time, so naturally, I thought we would last forever and eventually get married. But I have never been so sadly wrong. As we grow older, we realize that sometimes our best laid plans in our youth aren’t the best plans for us. I was thankful that my plans were torn apart at the seams. It was the only way that I could see reality as it is, not how I wanted it to be.

Myths about marriage that we shouldn’t believe

Marriage can be a beautiful thing if one lets go of the myths surrounding it. In my youthful impulsiveness, I have so foolishly believed in some of these myths. As I grew older, I learned to separate myth from fact. It can take a lot of unlearning, but it is worth it.

#1 Being a couple for a long time means that you should get married. This is perhaps the myth that was the hardest to unlearn. When you have been with someone for the longest time, you start to believe that your investment in them will result in marriage.

However, your suitability to be married should not be determined by how long you have been together. The quality of your relationship and your willingness to overcome challenges should be taken into account as well. After all, there are lots of couples out there who dated for years and years before getting married, only for their marriage to end after a short while.

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