Top 10 Ridiculous Myths People Believe about Marriage

#2 Marriage makes your relationship better. It becomes ridiculous to think that marriage makes life better. Marriage isn’t some sort of magic spell where your problems will disappear in the blink of an eye. Bad attitudes, arguments, bills to pay, and the gnawing worm of reality just aren’t going to fix themselves.

The honeymoon period is only going to last for so short a time, and before you know it, your partner with all the adorable quirks and idiosyncrasies turns out to be a heavy drinker. It is true that partners bring their assets into a marriage, as well as their liabilities. It is up to you to take them as they are. Remember that change comes from within and that people will only change if they allow themselves to.

#3 Marriage will make you happy. Let’s get one thing straight: an unhappy single person will most likely have an unhappy marriage. Happiness is a choice, and should come from within. Even if you happen to marry somebody incredibly rich or drop-dead gorgeous or kind, if you find the dark cloud in every silver lining, you are going to have an unhappy marriage.

Remember not to burden your spouse with so many unrealistic expectations of the person you want them to be. Marriage will not cure your loneliness or your pessimism. As with everything else in life, your marriage is what you make it.

#4 You won’t be lonely if you’re married. Sadly, this has become an all-too-familiar myth. Too many single people have wasted away, longing for the one who would save them from being lonely. While it is true that marriage can give you a sense of companionship, it doesn’t mean it will completely eradicate loneliness.

Too many married couples have felt the pang of not being alone but feeling lonely. Many have felt the pain of a distant spouse and the harsh reality of a marriage dying before their eyes. Sadly, many of these people insist on staying because they have already invested a lot or they have kids. Remember: an unfulfilling and dying marriage is far worse than being single.

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