Top 10 Weird Things Your Girlfriend Does To Show How Much She Loves You

1. Gets rid of your blackheads

We’re not just talking about your face and nose. We’re talking about your back, neck, and even ear lobes! You’ll just be lying on the couch enjoying your evening when suddenly her fingers will pop out of nowhere as she’ll begin to squeeze out the blackheads (even pimples) on your forehead.

Sometimes it’ll hurt so bad that you’ll begin to cry those manly tears… and then she’ll continue to show you the residue of each blackhead she takes out (many times saying “Ooh. Your face is so dirty honey!” Don’t take this for granted. She loves you and she wants to make sure her man looks mighty fine when you walk out in public.

2. Stares at you

It can be stealthy. Or, it can be completely obvious without any regards if it makes you feel uncomfortable. You could be grocery shopping and from the corner of your eye you’ll see her staring at every single part of your body. These are just a few different reasons why she’ll be staring at you:

You look cute and she wants to take a picture to treasure the moment.
Your collar is crooked and she’ll readjust it when she has the time.
She’s thinking, “does he need to lose weight?”
You have blackheads she’s missed.
Later in the day she’ll give you a full report on any of the aforementioned reasons above. It’s weird but it’s a beautiful thing. All she wants is to make sure that her man looks good by her side.

3. Squeezes lotion in your hand

You’ll be in the car and she’ll say something like, “open your hands,” only to squeeze her lotion on your palms: Aveeno Lotion SPF 15 or some sort of Vitamin E cream.

It’s a well-known fact that women love strong hands. However, this doesn’t mean she likes dry clammy hands to grasp her body later in the night. She wants to make sure your hands are smooth for her body! Yes, squeezing lotion in your hands is a subtle thing she’ll do to warm you up for an upcoming bedroom night of fun.

How can this not be love?

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