Top 10 Weird Things Your Girlfriend Does To Show How Much She Loves You

4. Plays with your penis as it shrinks

You’re finished and then out of nowhere she’ll start playing with “it.” This is usually followed with laughter and wonderment. If you’re lucky she’ll check if you have lumps (prostate problems) or even if your thing has blackheads.

Love is your girlfriend making sure that your instrument is in its best condition for future use!

5. Replaces your shampoo with “girl” shampoo

One day you’ll walk into your shower to realize that your shampoo (or even nonexistent shampoo) is replaced with some Coconut Strong Healthy Hair Shampoo! Oh. Don’t forget to use the Coconut Conditioner that she’s also supplied right next to the shampoo!

Love is your girlfriend doing all she can to make sure you have strong healthy hair to play with and to pull when staring at you in bed.

6. Squeezes and smacks your butt in public

Women love the feeling of a great firm butt that they can squeeze throughout the day. It can be very unexpected. You’ll be walking in the street or even with your friends when suddenly SMACK! SQUEEZE! PINCH!

She’s marking you. She’s telling the world that her man is taken. And, she’s also subconsciously telling you that you better keep up with those squats (because women love to use your butt, when you’re both in bed, as a lever upwards to get your instrument deeper into her… it’s true).

7. Puts her feet on your dashboard

There’s nothing like your girlfriend taking off her shoes to put her cute little feet (or socks) on top of the dashboard of your car. Yes, sometimes they can smell. But, you have to understand that she does this because she’s quietly telling you that she’s comfortable with you.

More than anything else, it shows that she trusts you enough that she knows you won’t judge the many other weird idiosyncrasies yet to come. The feet thing is just the beginning. (It can be weird and sometimes smelly, however, you have to understand that it’s way better then having her burp or fart in front of you).

Greet it with a smile!

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