What to Talk About with a Girl You Like: 30 Perfect Lines that Work

Want to know what to talk about with a girl you like? Here are 30 top tips to get a conversation going and flowing with the girl you’ve had your eye on!


We all know what it’s like when you have your eye on someone. You get butterflies every time they are near you. You feel excited every time you see them walk into a room, but when it comes to talking to them things get a little tricky. If you wonder what to talk about with a girl you like, keep reading for the best conversation starters to win her over.

Why is it that when we like someone we find it so difficult to talk to them? Our palms get sweaty, our mouths go dry, and for some reason even though we are perfectly normal and capable human beings, we can’t seem to be able to think of a single darn thing to say?

If you struggle striking up a conversation with your crush, you are definitely not alone. While you are usually the life and soul of the party and able to talk to anyone, if it’s someone that you can’t stop thinking about suddenly everything changes.

What to talk about with a girl you like

The good news is there are ways to try to combat this. Most obviously, come prepared. You may or may not be a natural conversationalist, but either way you look stupid if the conversation dries up suddenly and there are long and uncomfortable silences. Worse, you can’t think of anything to say in the first place.

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