Why Don’t Girls Like Me? 9 Reasons She’s Just Not Into You

Do you always find yourself wondering, “Why don’t girls like me?” Well, we’ve got your answer. Here’s everything you’ve been doing all wrong.

The thoughts, “Why don’t girls like me?” or “Why don’t the girls I like like me back?” are common questions in the male mind that start during puberty and can stretch on pretty much forever! Cheery thought, isn’t it? The mystery of a woman’s mind is deep, dark, and dangerous. For example, why does she like the tattooed bad-boy, but then the minute you do something off-color she scolds you for it?

Why girls don’t like you – 9 big truths

We’re solving the worldwide mystery of why your dream girl doesn’t like you back. Here are 9 brutally honest reasons why she’s just not that into you.

#1 You’ve been friend-zoned. If you have ever had unreciprocated romantic feelings for the potential love of your life while they just sit there and act like you are BFFs, then you have definitely been put in the friend zone. The friend zone is a real place. Picture it like a cold, dark prison full of “best pal” behavior and no blowjobs. When your crush puts you in the friend zone, you will never get out. Ever.

One of the reasons your girl might not like you is because she has mentally put you in the friend zone. This means she wants all the benefits of going to dinner, binging on Netflix, confiding secrets, and bringing you as a “plus-one” to events without also having the fringe benefits of making out, having sex, and sharing a romantic connection. This could be a giant reason why she doesn’t like you, at least not in that way, because hey, you’re just the friend!

#2 You are annoying. Harsh as it may be, have you ever considered that you are just downright annoying? If you’re constantly asking, “Why don’t girls like me? “it may be due to your extremely irritating personality.

If, for instance, you’ve been talking about the same topic for 30 minutes, and all your crush has said is a random series of “hmm,” “huh,” or “cool,” this probably means that she finds you either boring or annoying. Why? Well, you’re probably talking about things she doesn’t care about, or things she can only politely feign interest in for so long, such as video games, bro movies, building your own computer, anime and manga, or anything else in these “nerdy” niches.

That’s not to say that some girls don’t absolutely adore those topics—just not the one you have a crush on!

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