Why Emotional Intelligence is important for healthy relationships ?

Have you ever felt lonely despite having a good number of people around ? Have you ever felt left out in a crowd ? Have you ever felt that you do not belong to a place you are at ? Have you ever felt less understood or misunderstood ? The positive answers to all of these questions could be an indication of insufficient emotional intelligence at either or both sides.

So what emotional Intelligence really is ? Well everyone knows how they are feeling at a certain point of time or in a certain situation , but the ability to understand and evaluate other’s emotions rightly and responding them accordingly is what EQ all about.

Lack of emotional intelligence is indeed a problem which is likely to halt our ability to connect with people and building long lasting relationships , but the good news is there are ways to overcome this. Some of the common techniques which will help us improve/revise our choices about people and might get us a clearer perspetive of their reasons are below.

Listen attentively

Most of the people have the habit of selective listening which causes them to miss important information and emotions emitting in others speech so it is important to listen attentively and let people completely express themselves before we reach any conclusions. It will also give others an impression that they are being listened and understood.

Read between the line

Most of the communication is less about speech and more about body language , gestures , facial expressions and voice tones . To understand someone better it is good to focus on things beyond spoken words.

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