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9 Things You Are Above Settling For In A Relationship

It’s been established that one’s willingness to compromise is a necessary aspect of making a relationship work. However, that shouldn’t be taken to mean that compromise is the same as settling for something that you are definitely not deserving of. If you’re experienced enough, you would know that settling in relationships can only lead to bad blood and dysfunctional romances. Yes, on one hand, you might think that you are giving the ultimate sacrifice by settling for things that you think you are above. But there’s just nothing noble in settling. In fact, it shows that you’re just too weak to actually go after the things that you’re genuinely deserving of.

However it’s okay to be confused with the parts of a relationship that you can compromise on and the parts that you really shouldn’t be settling for. For one, you don’t want to throw away a perfectly good relationship just because you were too high-strung and you had unreasonable standards and expectations. But also, you don’t want to subject yourself to the kind of relationship that doesn’t really give you much emotional meaning or fulfilment.

So how do you know when it’s okay to settle and when you’re supposed to demand for more? How do you know if you’re being unreasonable with your demands or not? Well, there are a few signs that you can be on the lookout for just to give you a better idea of what a healthy relationship really looks like. If you find that a lot of things that are going to be listed here are actually evident in your relationship, then chances are that you’re settling; and you really need to demand for better treatment or a better partner overall.

1. Terrible sex.

Sex shouldn’t be the focal point of a relationship. It definitely shouldn’t be what a relationship is built on. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a terrible sex life with your partner – especially when it’s terrible because they refuse to try out your ideas in bed. Sex is just as much a giving process as it is a receiving one.

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